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Cloud solutions

With the movement towards a multi or hybrid cloud environment using public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or an Enterprise Level private cloud platform; there is a huge surge for cloud migration services. Our calibrated approach helps our customers to migrate from Legacy Ecosystem to Modern Cloud environment.

Cloud Native Development

  • Custom application development, monitoring and scaling matching PaaS, IaaS or SaaS needs.
  • Spread across mobile, IoT, Ecommerce or machine learning.
  • Determine Optimal Data Strategies.

Cloud Analysis and Migration

  • Establishing the right cloud architecture.
  • Building transition roadmaps that ensure adoption.
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Support & Migration.
  • Determining areas of your existing architecture that should be migrated or phased out.
  • Providing clear ROI and TCO.
  • O365 Migration & Support.

DevOps Automation

Using DevOps as a methodology with cloud services allows us to follow a CI-CD model for pipeline automation when it comes to Application, Database or cloud services.

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